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New Mexico Wedding! [16 Aug 2010|04:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So as I said we had my nephew's wedding to go to in Santa Fe NM last weekend. Ron, William and I left at the ungodly hour of 4am the Thurs before to catch a 6am plane. William was ok Ron and I not so much. But all was well we made the flight and our connection and arrived in Albuquerque NM on time but had to wait a couple of hours for my Dad, Brother and Dom to arrive from Westchester. We then had to go to the train to pick up my Aunt Jody and finally got on our way to Santa Fe. Ron and I stayed in a different much cheaper hotel then everyone else but it was ok. Easy walking town and it was good to get away from the crazy people. Plus they took William alot so we really got away!

The wedding was nice way more people then I thought came. Who has a destination wedding and over 100 people show? My nephew I suppose! It was a very Southwestern wedding. Mariachi band, spicy food, etc. Not bad but poor William faded and we had to leave before the iPod got plugged in an the dancing started. Before that it was a snoozer. I'm told it picked up but as I said we must of missed the fun *shrug*

We did a lot of eating on this trip mostly Mexican and southwestern food. It's good but I am not the fan of spice! We did a bit of sightseeing. Ron and I took a walk to the train depot and saw the old trains as well as got info for a scenic ride. We ended up doing that with William on Sun when everyone else went rafting. Nice little trip and Ron was happy for a change LOL! On Mon we left Santa Fe for Albuquerque. Ron and Aunt Jody both left for home. William and I stayed a few days to see stuff with my Dad, Brother and Dom. We took the tram up Sandia peak. It is apparently the longest and highest tram ride. We were pretty high up there. My nephew got elevation sickness, William had a massive bloody nose, I froze my ass off up there and my stooopid brother got lost hiking by himself. After he found his way back we had dinner up there. The next day found us at Bandelier National Park. We climbed up the rocks to see inside the indian mountain caves. Really cool and a lot of climbing. I forgot my dang camera and am waiting on my brother to send me pics from that day.The last day there we went to the Rattle Snake Museum, Kids Museum, the Aquarium and Botanical Garden. Not much to say but they were nice and fun. Damn hot that day too!

We left the next day really early again. That is about that. Some photos below. I have a ton more but I didn't get around to uploading any more then this. Maybe tomorrow. William left for a week at my sisters and I don't have much work because many of my clients are away. No money for me and too much time on my hands!

Mom and William before wedding Dad and William w/the Mariachi band
Mom and William before wedding
Dad and William w/the Mariachi band
My family with the Bride & Groom Ron hangin from the train
My family with the Bride & Groom
Ron hangin from the train
William on the train Dom and William waiting to go up Sandia peak
William on the train
Dom and William waiting to go up Sandia peak
Top of the peak At the Rattle Snake museum
Top of the peak
At the Rattle Snake museum
At the ALB aquarium In the childrens garden in ALB
At the ALB aquarium
In the childrens garden in ALB

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Stuffs [03 Aug 2010|10:08am]
I haven't posted in a while have I? Yeah doing the easy blurbs on FB I suck! Anyway what is new with me? Not tons I mean sure there was Maxwellfest which was my last post. So I did do that! Just yesterday Ron registered us so we have our con tickets now. Well we always had them because the great and powerful Tom purchased them a while back we just had to go and register. I actually tried a couple of times but for some odd reason it just would not take. So I sent an e-mail and they were to enter us manually but just last night Ron decided to give it a whirl on his Mac and of course it worked. Dumb PC!! Maybe I need to switch to a Mac?? Anyway we gots our con tickets. I said I wanted to play Mags but I really haven't the time to make a video cause we leave in a few days for a week so I will miss the deadline. It's all good I think I've performed in enough cons over the years. I do want to see Ron play Brad in ST though as he didn't for the AC con but we will see!

Oh and that brings me to why we will be gone. Yes we are going to my Nephews wedding in NM. Much to Ron's dismay but we already got the plane tickets (bought them before major financial issue though we really shouldn't have cause the writing was on the wall back then too! Anyway!!) My sister found us a hotel a couple of blocks away from the wedding hotel for $80 less a night and once we check out of there my Dad will be paying for my hotel for the rest of the trip and rented a van for the whole family. I worked my butt off for a couple of months taking on extra dog walking and managed to save $800 so I guess we will eat or pay the hotel bill not sure depends what Ron has. I know he hasn't much. But whatever we leave this Thurs at 6am! Blarg the flight leaves at 6am we leave the apt at 4:15am Fun stuff with a 7yo!

The last 2 weekends William has been home for a change so him and I have seen some movies. We did Despicable Me two sats ago and Toy Story this past Sat. Both really good movies. We also were invited by a friend to see the Walking With the Dino's at the Garden. For FREE!! Yayyy her law firm has a sky box so free food too! It was amazing! That was 2 Sun ago. Last Sun we managed to finally go swimming. William goes swimming with camp and at my Dad's so he is in a pool a lot me not so much. It was kind of chilly and we only did a half hour. We went to Riverbank State Park. That is the park in Harlem on the Hudson over a dump! Yayyy we want to build a dump in Harlem but if we put a park over it then it's all ok right?? Anyway I'm told it can get stinky but it was totally not and quite a pretty park. Lots of facilities including 2 pools and a ice skate/roller rink plus tons of sporting activities and a cafeteria. Where we had lunch. Then played in one of the playgrounds. Plus they were having a fair and William got his face pained. Nice day!

That's about that some photos of dino's and William's painted face below!

At Riverbank Park
At Riverbank Park

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I think a post is in order don't you? [13 Jul 2010|09:41pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

So it's been a few days or well more then a few days since Maxwellfest! I've really been meaning to make a post but we jetted off to my Dad's right after and then I've been really very busy to sit and write. And well I guess I didn't really know what to say but thanks which I did to whoever I could already. But still a LJ post is really in order. So here I find myself searching for what to say!

Anyway you got me you all got me!!! I was cryin like a baby because I couldn't get what I wanted and look you all got me what I wanted!! I can't get over it and even though I know why you all did this and I so appreciate it it's kind of hard to really understand and accept it. Though don't worry I have, Liz is booking the flights for us as we speak. The thing is Ron and I are usually the ones helping people and we are glad to do it. Well the truth is he is the real generous one. Most everything we do for people is because of Ron not me. That is why I was so upset about it you know he really deserves to go and get the accolades because despite me bitchin about him he is a really great person. Anyway it just sucks that we found ourselves in this position we ALWAYS found a way to just do it but having that feeling of oh shit we really can't do this or we may be in serious trouble truly sucks!

Then last Fri came and despite Ron not wanting to go out we went! Liz asked him and he went. Liz you have the magic touch as he really didn't want to go socialize but lets not dwell on that he went! It was fun hanging at the Trailer park and going to the show and yes Larry you guys really do put on a great show I should go to NJ and see it from time to time!! It was a really fun night. I was completely shocked when Liz said what she said and Casey came out carrying a gigantic check in a bikini (you have a nice ass Casey I have said that already but it needs to be said again!). Still am in shock and again really why did you all do that??? But as I said all that is needed is thank you so that is what I will do!

Liz you bitch for making me cry!! I can't believe you started all this you are the awesome! Thank you! Thank you everyone who contributed you all are awesome!! And apparently as per Kevin I owe everyone a lap dance! NO PROBLEM it shall be done!

Much love!

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[27 Apr 2010|10:53pm]
Yup finally getting around to posting William's birthday stuff here. Did it on FB already but I know some of you don't FB so here they are. I already wrote about the Lion King and Chuck E Cheese so I will say no mare except click on any photo to see the whole gallery.

Getting ready to see the Lion King. At the show!
Getting ready to see the Lion King.
At the show!
The king of Chuck E Cheese. The king with the mouse or is it a rat?
The king of Chuck E Cheese.
The king with the mouse or is it a rat?

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The Circus and the Birthday Boy! [02 Apr 2010|09:38am]
[ mood | happy ]

Wednesday my Dad drove William and Dom into the city to see the Ringling Bro Circus. I met them after work. We had great seats and the boys had fun. We missed the preshow but that is ok it gets too crazy anyway. I spent $40 on crap for William and Dom. Damn is it expensive. Anyway I forgot the camera so tried to get a few with my phone. Only the elephants came out and the 2 of William.

There is also a picture of the birthday boy at Hooters. He is 7yo today. Though that was taken a couple of weeks ago and not today but you can never go wrong with a cute kid posing with a hooters girl right?

Tonight is the Lion King! William is very excited!

Look at me! Dom and William after the circus.
Look at me!
Dom and William after the circus.
Elephants More Elephants
More Elephants
Oh and Hooters!
Oh and Hooters!

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[30 Mar 2010|05:54pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

So lets see this past weekend the child was away (oh and still is yayyy Spring Break and yayyy my family!!) Ron and I along with an old time NYC performer Bobby Big Daddy and the fabulous Jai from Home of Happiness cast performed with the NYC cast on Sat! Bobby has been talking about coming back to play Eddie and Dr Scott for some time and well finally it happened. I really can't remember when Bobby left cast but I know it was in the early days of the 12th st era so early 90's I would think? Bobby did play at the 8th st playhouse near the tail end but for sure was with that cast through the East Side Cinema and Movie Land days and then as I said a bit at 12th st. He is one of the best Eddie's that ever performed with the NYC cast and well one of my favorite people.

It was a really great show and we had so much fun. The current cast who performed that night with us was really good. I loved performing Magenta with Jai as my Riff. We are really good together and I would love to perform with him again any time he wants!! And of course my Big Daddy did not disappoint! He is the man and we love him! Ron of course was great he always is and was really happy to get to play with Michelle as it's been a while. Yeah so a good time was had and photos below. Click on any to see the whole gallery.

Oh a side note Drea and Mike came to see the show for us and I really appreciate it as they don't go to Rocky at all any more. Talking about them. We saw them the next day, Sun, for Mike's birthday. Good food good friends and of course good drinks! Sorry we flaked after dinner as I hear they had a really good time at karaoke! Oh well next time, the old people needed sleep on a Sun night! That is about that!!!

Ron and Michelle Ron and Michelle
Ron and Michelle
Ron and Michelle
Jai Emily, Hilary, Jai and Stacy
Emily, Hilary, Jai and Stacy
Big Daddy and Emily Big D passing on the helmet to Bayne
Big Daddy and Emily
Big D passing on the helmet to Bayne

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Stuff [11 Feb 2010|10:29am]
[ mood | cold ]

So yes as you all know 2 weekends ago Ron and I went to Larry Con. No I will most likely not post photos here. You all saw my pictures on FB. It's way easier to upload lots of pics to FB not so here. My recap of Larry Con. Fun times, drunk Ron, hanging with cool people, fighting with security! Much of the rest was recapped already by others that are way better writers them me. So that is about that can't wait for the next Rocky gathering. TC in DC I suppose!

Since then it's been work and child things. Last Sun William was in a concert at school with his percussion workshop to benefit Haiti. The group has been only learning to play and practicing for a very short time and ya know they did great!! William was so proud of himself and if I can get the video up maybe you all can see it! Below are a couple of photos.

Yesterday NYC had a rare snow day. I had to work so a friend took William with her son. They sled for a while and then went to their place to play. When I picked him up at 3pm I took him out for more sledding. My ass was out in the cold and snow just about all day. But the good mom that I am let him stay out for 2 hours until enough was enough and we headed in. Thank god I was soaked and really cold at that point. Nope no photos of the snow day. Not sure why just with work and all I didn't want to deal. Oh well!

Time to go back out in the cold and snow now and walk the dogs! See ya!

Before he goes on looking good! Getting ready to play
Before he goes on looking good!
Getting ready to play
They sing and play! All the Percussion workshop kids
They sing and play!
All the Percussion workshop kids
All done wasn't I great!
All done wasn't I great!

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Photos!!! [28 Dec 2009|07:50pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

I posted about Beatles Fest a bit ago but never posted photos like I said I would so here are a few. Click on any to see the gallery.

What I haven't posted about was meeting the "real" Santa at Macy's. William and I went I think the Sat before Christmas. I decided to get a very early start and got there just a few minutes after the store opened. There was a small line just entering Santa Land but not too bad. We were on line for maybe 1/2 hr before we got to Santa. It was a fun line though. Train layouts and stuff to look at. Then Santa! William did really well much better then a couple of years ago. I don't think we went last year actually so I can't say if he would have been ok at 5yo but at 4yo and before not great with Santa. This time he sat on his lap no problem and asked for a Wii! I suppose it worked because Santa did indeed get him that Wii! After paying way too much for a Macy's photo of William and Santa we went to a puppet show about the miracle on 34th st. It was cute! That was about that photos below and click on any to see the whole gallery.

Ok I'm done now!

Getting ready for the show My little Ham!
Getting ready for the show
My little Ham!
Beatle Fest Waiting to see Santa
Beatle Fest
Waiting to see Santa
Still waiting to see Santa Santa!!
Still waiting to see Santa

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ATTN: Larry con attendees [23 Dec 2009|04:09pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Specifically those that play Magenta or want to play Magenta or want to get involved with who plays Magenta!!

I bid for the part not necessarily to to play the part myself or at all maybe. I bid because it was tons of fun!!! Also because I wanted to support Larry and all the people who pay gobs oh money to put on really great cons. Oh and least we forget spend more of Ron's money!!

All that said I don't really know what I want to do with the part. I would like to take suggestions as to some creative things to do. Maybe have a Magenta swarm, or dueling Mags or a puppet or a fun object (though whoever suggests an object has to be the one to get it and hold it in that scene!)

Also please tell me if you are coming to the con and want a part as Magenta or don't want a part so I don't put you in (Nicole shut you're big fat mouth your performing!) I would love to put in as many of you as I can and I don't necessarily have to do TW myself so if you wanna do that sure let me know. But really someone else has to do Takeover my costume sucks though I did just get an awesome space wig from Liz!

You may respond here or better yet if we want to something creative and keep it a secret e-mail me at hilarymax@aol.com

Yayyyy can't wait!!

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Hummmm [15 Dec 2009|02:58pm]
[ mood | silly ]

My pd LJ acct expired and Ron as yet to pay for it. I suppose I could pay for it myself but that would mean I would use the CC and he would be paying for it anyway as he pays the bills. Yeah I think I'll wait to see if he pays for it.

He can donate money to people's causes, film projects and random personal favors for friends but his wife who cooks his meals, washes his cloths and oh yeah gives him sex he can't even bother paying for my LJ!! Screw him!! ; )

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Weekend Update [23 Nov 2009|09:55am]
William and I had a busy weekend. On Sat morning I got a couple of hours to myself when Ron took William to the new Apple store on 66th and Broadway. They went to buy a case for William's new iPod that Ron got him about a week ago. I think I lost his old one or it was left at my Dad's but I kind of think I left it on a bus. Oh well it was my old Nano I think 1st gen that I didn't use because I got an iPhone. Not that William really needs an iPod but Ron was in the spending/giving mood last weekend when the new Apple store opened. Bought himself and William a new toy!

After that William and I went to his last soccer game of the season. William scored the only 2 goals but they lost anyway. Oh well. The team did really well the whole season can't win them all! Then we went to Last Licks ice cream sports bar to celebrate and hand out team photos and trophies.

On Sun was our school book fair at B & N. We went to lunch first at Hamburger Heaven UES location. Place was totally geared for kids well at least the upstairs part with a toy area and stuff! Ok I am a very tolerant person. I got a kid I know what it is like BUT really that place was outta control. I really think UES rich parents have no control over their kids or don't care I was wondering where some of the nannies were as I bet they could have done something anything better then some of these parents!! William on his worst day ain't got nuttin on some of those kids. I wanted to scream at some of them to stop whining and fighting and punch a few Dad's that ignored them! Again I know I am a parent and I know how kids get but really I would have yanked William out of there if he behaved like the 2 kids that were sitting in the booth behind William!! Ron has done it for far less! Oh well!

We left for book fair and made it just in time to see a few of our students read stories they wrote. Then Looney Louie performed. He was the clown/magician/entertainer that did William's last birthday party. Always a good show! Then we spent some money on books and I hope the school will get a good chunk of change as there were a lot of people there not just CPE families that grabbed vouchers and bought books. I think it was a success!

William did his usual Mon 5am wake up oh boy! So we are all tired and tonight Ron and I are going out with some of his work people. William gets to go to the sitter for a few hour and play xbox!

Well there you have it another installment of the boring life of me!

Look what I got!
Look what I got!

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Oh this is worth repeating! [10 Nov 2009|07:06pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So I posted on FB but I thought I would babble about it more here. That and a few other things in my head at the moment!

So William said to me this evening that a boy told him today that if he pees next to another boy he is gay! Really what the fuck do people teach their kids?? Really? I had no idea what to say to him. I didn't want him to go and repeat that because we all know our kid cannot keep his big trap shut and he is not smart enough to just say it to other kids but to the adults as well. He is 6yo and has no idea what gay is and yes I asked him. So I told him that boy said something bad and William is not allowed to say it. I hope it sinks in I think so as he saw I was mad about it!

Lets see oh yes Ron and I got the bill from our dentist yesterday! We have no dental insurance and well MY GOD we could take William on that trip to Disney World I've been talking about for a year now and stay in one of the luxury hotels for a 5 day trip for the amount that bill was! Yeah THAT much!! And for god sake we are still not done! Ok now one could say we really should have been good about going to the dentist every year and maybe this would not have happened. I'm sure some of it but the infection I got could not have been prevented or my tooth cracking and forcing a root canal. When I was going regularly a filling cracked and broke a tooth and the same outcome a root canal with a crown. But back then we had dental insurance. Kill me!

Sometimes people piss me off yup they do. Mostly those that treat the people I really like badly!

We had William's 1st conference of the year last night. 1st grade is not going as well as Kindergarten did. He is doing ok but I am afraid he is having trouble keeping up. We may have to rethink gen ed. I think he may need more support. I think ultimately he is going to be ok but I think certain things are always going to be a struggle for him. It is still early in the year but I am not happy. I'm not too worried as some things are really going well but those things that have always been an issue still are but more so as more is expected of him. We will see!

I guess that is about all that I had to say tonight!

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I'm gonna smack that old lady!! [03 Nov 2009|07:24am]
So let’s see Halloween weekend was ok. It started off on Fri with me arriving at William's school so he could attend the party after school. We went for an hour because it was also after school soccer day. The party was all kinds of crowded and crazy but I got through it and we finally made our way home after soccer. I ended having a stray kid to take home as the parents of one of William's class mates didn't realize the school needed to close at 5pm.

The next morning was the parade, party and hunted house here at our complex. I was responsible for getting the dunkin donuts which I did and then set up. I think it was a success. The kids that did come had fun and I hear everyone loved the haunted house. In the past we have had it in the late afternoon with a much better turn out. But this year they went with a morning start. Better for me anyway. William then got ready quickly to have his soccer league photos taken. After that lunch out and then made our way home so he could be picked up by my brother to go to Westchester for my nephews party and Trick or Treating.

Him gone left me free to go to Rocky with Ron. We didn't perform we haven’t done a Halloween show in years but Ron was a Ghostbuster in the preshow number. They did thriller with all of this years dead celebs. It came out great! Then Nick and Ron in full Ghostbuster regalia ran down and chased them all away at the end. Before and after Rocky Ron and I took the trains and walked the streets to see and be seen. My costume was not all that exciting as I didn't get one this year. I wanted to but since my Dad is still in the hospital I didn't think William would be away what would be the point if I didn't go out? But he did go so I went with my Ensign redshirt Star Trek outfit I wore to TCJ. Of course Ron's Ghostbuster costume got a lot of looks and talk. So it was a fun time. Anyway back to Rocky well not much else to say there we left shortly after pre show.

Sun William was dropped off at noon. I decided to let Ron sleep and chill for the day and took him to see Astro Boy. It was good but I was tired so it was hard for me to stay awake. William loved it. After the show it was about the dinner hour for him so we made our way to McDee's. The problem was Broadway was way crowded with Marathoners and spectators. And McDee's was crowded with people many waiting to go pee. And of course my kid had to go. He couldn't go at the theater could he!! Anyway we waited on line. About 5 in front and then about 5 behind us. One older non English speaking woman right behind me kept poking me to move up. Like the couple of inches between me and the gentleman in front of me was going to make that much difference. Sorry to offend but REALLY why to non English speaking people touch and poke. This has happened to me before. Like you don't understand me so it's ok for me to get my point across by touching you. Ummm NO my kid gets in trouble at school for doing that why is it ok for you to??? Anyway she did it twice I finally yelled at her whether she understood or not. She finally stopped. Anyway after food we made our way home and got William to sleep.

I suppose it was an ok weekend. I had fun. Some photos below. Click on any to see the whole gallery.

William as The Clone Wars Commander Cody Ghostbuster on a train!
William as The Clone Wars Commander Cody
Ghostbuster on a train!
Ensign Red shirt ready to die! Me with Uhura
Ensign Red shirt ready to die!
Me with Uhura
Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters!
Who you gonna call?
Ghost Busters!

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Blue Ray Audition pictures [26 Oct 2009|09:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Some people don't have Face Book so I will post my photos here as well. These are from Sat. Ron had the camera and took what he could in the am. I came to the audition later on and well he still had the camera but of course focused on me. I wish I had more pics of everyone else but it was a crazy day sorry if you don't see yourself. Please click on any photo to see the rest of the gallery.

Just to recap the audition was a lot of fun I had a blast hanging with everyone. Ron and I gave really good interviews separate and together and I think something of us should make it on but who knows. We talked about our kid and they asked us to send photos of him in his Brad costume with Ron. We did that so yeah maybe William will make an appearance on this thing we will see?

I am not an actor I shadow a character on a screen and do that A LOT less then I used to so for me this was just a go and have fun. I know I was not going to get picked and I totally screwed up my solo as there was no screen behind me and they had us start in the middle of TW. Yup I been doing this shit for years but I couldn't do it correctly to save my ass. I think this most of all upset me and hurt my ego. Not that I wasn't picked but that when music was thrown on and I was asked to start at Magenta's solo I practically froze I went through it and did everything I was supposed to (when I found my way a sec or 2 into it) but I was so stunned that I'm sure I was not giving my A game Magenta! Ahh well it is what it is! Also the Magenta group audition was beyond redic!! Way too many of us in a little box! So yeah not happening for me. I did feel bad for a few people that I thought would be called back including Ron but you know such is life. The casting people saw what they saw and picked who they picked. Anyway that is about all of that.

Congrats to those that did get called back! And actually congrats to everyone who actually went out and tried because we are all great!

Ron and Erin Floor show Sadie, Ron, Tom and Erin
Ron and Erin
Floor show Sadie, Ron, Tom and Erin
Me and Michelle - The bat man pose Dueling Magenta's Me and Liz
Me and Michelle - The bat man pose
Dueling Magenta's Me and Liz

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So yeah well [21 Oct 2009|03:14pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Ron and I decided to do the audition. Not like most of you didn't know that already from my FB post. But anyway I thought I would post about it here too! I suppose we made up our minds to do it for a few reasons. It is in NYC so what the hell we don't have to pay to get here except a subway or a cab ride, we heard how much fun the LA peeps had and wanted to go have fun too and well my Dad said he could take William. That clinched it.

We are going to have fun with no expectations of getting a call back let alone asked to do this thing. If we get on the Blue Ray with our testimonial well then great if not we will have photos of the day. I am not even doing all that much to my costumes. They are good and my dress is lovely, made by the fabulous duo of Jill and Missy and my sheers by the even more fabulous Jaimie Froemming! I never had a very good space costume but I can't do all that much about that now and my accessories well ok I suppose. All I have done has been getting new eyelashes, some make up stuff and stockings (Most of those things picked up by my awesome husband when he was out this am!!) I will hand wash my dress and my apron is getting sewn where it had ripped. But that is about it. Ron needed a new wig and Liz is being wonderful and overnighting it to us as well as a space wig for me. So I guess we are ready!

I can't wait to see everyone get a group Magenta picture and just have fun! See you all there!

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Janet Janet Janet Janet!!! [08 Oct 2009|09:22am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Yup I'm playing Janet again!! How does this always happen?? I have come full circle I guess I started as Janet and I guess I will die as Janet go figure!

Anyway there is another reunion show this Sat. Yes I know so soon after the last one!! But Sal is coming back as he missed the big 8th st reunion over the summer because of his job. So it was decided that we would do it all over again! But this time it can't be as crazy as the last one person per part so I will not be backing up Lillias as Magenta but playing Janet as no 8th st Janet is available. Sloppy 2nds I guess LOL!!

I'm ready and prepared to kick some ass! Should be fun!

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Yay I've been updated!! [05 Sep 2009|09:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

Ron gots me a shiny new iPhone 3Gs! Yayyyy I haven't felt the need to upgrade before now but when the 3G came out I knew it was time!

Beside that the child left for grandpas and it's been a nice day. I got a pedi then went grocery shopping. When I returned we set out for our date. We went to Cafe Lalo for desert (sure why not pie before dinner is fun!) Then standing on the street deciding what to do Ron said lets go to the Apple store! So we did! Never been to the 5th ave store it's purdy. We checked out iMacs. Ron feels the need to make us an all iMac family. I like I like a lot BUT we already have a perfectly good PC that I use so me being the logical one said no lets wait on it. But before we left I got my new phone! After that we took a stroll in central park. We used to go to the park a lot but haven't for a long while so that was nice. Then took a pedicab ride. After that we had sushi (well I had it Ron had beef and broccoli) now we are home.

Off to CT for a BBQ at my sisters tomorrow!

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Such is my life! [28 Aug 2009|10:20pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Someone entertain me I'm really board and not quite tired yet. Nothing on TV worth watching. We don't have any of the movie channels anymore and I really am not yet into the book I started that I must go read! Blahh!! The child was supposed to spend another night at my Dad's so I could go out tonight but he brought him home early so instead I am home doing nothin!

Seeing Dawn tomorrow though! Should be fun!

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Ron's 46th in Chicago! [25 Aug 2009|09:26am]
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Chicago people like to bowl they also like their hotdogs!!

Not that we don't like those things it was just fun to say. Anyway if I waited for Ron to post these pictures we would all be old and grey. WAIT! I am old and grey. Whatever! So the Sat we were in Chicago we met up with the cast of Midnightmadness for a little bowling and some Jean and Jude's hotdogs. But before that the lovely Sarah picked us up at our hotel and took us for some sushi. Well Ron doesn't eat that but he found something and Sarah and I shared a great plate of rolls. Yum yum yum was that good she will have to remind me of the place cause I can't remember. We got our photo taken and it hopefully will be on the wall at the place! I guess I have to go back to check sometime!

Then it was off to meet the gang at the bowling ally. Fun fun stuff that only can be told in photos that you can see below. Click on any to see the whole gallery. We had presents, we had Beaver Bowling, We had light up toys and photo booths, we had shoes lots and lots of shoes. Take a look!! Thanks guys it was fun!

After it was on to Jean and Jude's for some fries and dogs. They like to put the fries right on top of the dog and roll it up in paper. Interesting very good too! A total burp fest. All of us ate and conspired on the trunk of the crown vic of doom. I think we were going to knock over the Mic D's or something. I also think we got lazy and left!

Then off to the condo of doom! Fun stuff again thanks Sarah and Jeff and all that came out to play with us.

Cram in a phone booth at the bowling ally Brad ball
Cram in a phone booth at the bowling ally
Brad ball
Beaver Bowling Beaver Brad Bowling
Beaver Bowling
Beaver Brad Bowling
Bradwinkle approved!!! SHOES!
Bradwinkle approved!!!

I posted all my vacation photos to FB and have a gallery on Picasa. I have no time at the moment to upload to LJ so if you want to see the pictures from my trip to Yellowstone, Glacier, etc take a look at the link!

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LOL!! [22 Aug 2009|08:40pm]
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Ron just downloaded photos from my trip. This was from on the long ass train ride from Chicago to Salt Lace City. We were in the observation car. I think Dad and Dom played cards I was hanging and William was playing games on my phone. Yup a boring ride I tell you. Anyway I have a ton of photos and will add to the gallery and post a few but just wanted to share this one now. I totally didn't remember the face when I took the photo! Going to share this one with his future girlfriend for sure!

Love the face! Love the face!

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